No one is quite sure what Brexit, or no Brexit, will mean for the UK- however experts in the property industry are confident in the East Lancashire market and are urging individuals to not halt their long-term plans.

Steven Chippendale, joint Managing Director of Property Shop reassured us:

“We are being asked a lot if it’s best to buy a house before Brexit, after Brexit, wait a few years… and although we don’t claim to be fortune tellers, it’s safe to say the Hyndburn housing market is stable and people should not be put off continuing with their plans.”

“Houses in Hyndburn are exceptional value for money and this generally applies across East Lancashire too. Unlike some other areas nearby that have been branded as ‘Greater Manchester’ Hyndburn hasn’t seen inflated prices and so there isn’t going to be big a fall in value. Yes, there may be a bit of a % decrease for a year or two, but this generally will only impact individuals who are buying to sell or plan to live in a house short term.”

Accrington has recently been named the best value commuter town to live in, for those that work in Manchester.

“The houses in Accrington specifically are decent and the recent title of number 1 commuter town for those working in Manchester isn’t a surprise to us. With new tram lines being built further out of Manchester and public transport investments Accrington is a brilliant place to live for families, professionals and those looking for a balance between the city and rural life. I do feel Hyndburn is Brexit-proof”

Property Shop has not let Brexit uncertainties get in the way of their plans. 2018 saw its biggest expansion in 15 years, with the decision to move into the sales market alongside their incredibly successful Lettings Agency.

An independent, family run estate agent with a goal of supporting the local community whilst attracting new people to the borough, they have recently signed the contract to manage a brand-new, 24 house gated development in Oswaldtwistle.

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Any advice for homeowners and landlords concerned about Brexit?
Stick to your medium to long term plans.

How about tenants who are worried?
There isn’t a concern for tenants, they can relax.

Would you buy before or after Brexit?
No difference, I would buy a house that I like, when I see it!

What implications will Brexit have on Property Shop’s day to day business?
Pretty much none! This new year we have put our foot on the pedal and are always looking for new listings.