The Hunt is on: Hyndburn needs YOU

 Your information just might be the missing piece of a puzzle.

An appeal has been launched for past and present residents to come forward with any stories, information or artefacts showing the history of Blackburn Road shops and the Town Square area.

A historical image of Blackburn Road, Accrington

Saturday 15th September, 11:30am-1:30pm inside Accrington Market Hall.

Do you remember Woolworths and McDonalds? What was there before?

Did you work in the area?

The people of Hyndburn are invited to help bring all knowledge of the town together. Everyone is encouraged to come along and bring any memorabilia, newspaper clippings, pictures or stories they want to share.

There will be the facility to scan documents, photograph items and have a friendly chat.

The information you provide could be an important piece of an upcoming exhibition project at Haworth Art Gallery which is part of the Accrington Townscape Heritage Initiative, funded  by Hyndburn Borough Council and The Heritage Lottery Fund.


Alongside stories of the town there is also a search for the missing ceremonial Trowel.

This was kept beneath Accrington Town Hall and was moved a few years ago, it was used to lay the foundation stone for the Market Hall and is engraved with the date and councils name.

This missing item has likely been moved to another location – do you have any ideas where it could be?

Saturday 15th September, 11:30am-1:30pm inside Accrington Market Hall.

If you are unable to attend, please forward any information/images about the Blackburn Road area of Accrington, the surrounding Town Square shops, or the Ceremonial Trowel to: