As the 13th Zero Waste Week campaign begins, zero to landfill company What More UK is leading the way on plastic re-use.

Zero Waste Week – which launched back in 2008 – began with just 100 participants but now boasts over 56 million worldwide from 85 different countries.

The aim of the campaign, which runs from 6th-10th September, is to help households, businesses, schools and community groups to increase recycling and reduce landfill waste, including “demonstrating methods of plastic re-use.”

A mantra that is very close to home at What More UK, with their award-winning Wham® Upcycled rangeproduced from 100% recycled household plastic.

The quality Upcycled range includes everything from mop buckets and laundry baskets, through to coat hangers and cutlery trays. You can see a really interesting video about how household plastics are recycled and the Upcycled range is made, HERE

All items which can be re-used over and over again, lasting decades, unlike the single-use plastics which are ending up in landfill and our oceans.

With the extremely popular Zero Waste Week social media campaign set to celebrate its 13 year milestone, the work of What More is evidence of great innovation in the industry.

Making a pledge to help the current plastic crisis by producing durable, re-usable plastic products is not where it stops however, with What More also ensuring that they recycle their own plastic waste.

Not only that, but in a single day, What More manages to divert around 27,000 tonnes of waste plastic from landfill.

Products that don’t pass QC but are properly moulded will be used around the warehouse for storage, while partly moulded products and defect products go into their grinder.

Once ground, it is made into new pellets and mixed with black plastic pellets to be re-moulded into products such as their Eden dust bins.

Made in Britain but distributing all around the world, discovering the Wham® Upcycled range is an extremely simple way to get involved in Zero Waste Week.

Also providing free access to newsletters, blogs and their active and engaged Facebook Group, they ensure Zero Waste living is accessible to all.

Zero Waste Week: “Be part of the solution and join millions of people around the world by reducing waste and learning to reuse, recycle and repurpose.”

What More UK manufactures storage boxes and housewares of all kinds including bakeware, around-the-sink items, products for the home laundry, utility room, and items for the garden such as planters and troughs. What More’s products are all made in East Lancashire and are sold in 76 countries around the world. More can be seen on the website here: