What More UK, the Lancashire housewares manufacturer and exporter has invested £20 million on a number of new projects including 13 new injection moulding machines for their Altham factory.

What More UK is the British firm behind the popular housewares brand Wham. Leaders of this successful organisation are following a strategy of continuous investment, which has proven to be a very smart decision.

This latest investment has seen them grow their manufacturing capacity with the purchase of 13 injection moulding machines. The company plans to upgrade or replace every machine they own within 4 years.

The new machines, 5 of which have already arrived and been installed at their Altham site, are specifically designed to meet the needs of the organisation.

If current affairs have taught us anything, it’s that the world can change dramatically at a moment’s notice. 6 months, even 6 weeks, is a very long time during a global health crisis. The business environment can turn upside down, seemingly overnight. This latest investment will help position What More to deal with the situation.

When the pandemic struck, What More didn’t batten down the hatches. They did the opposite, increasing their investments and focusing on resilience and agility.

Tony Grimshaw OBE, Director at What More UK, explains:

“What More UK is not the sort of company to sit still. In business we deal with crises every day and the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Putting money back into the firm means we’ll be stronger in the future. These new machines will give us the ability to respond to changes as and when they occur.”

This type of investment is one of the reasons behind What More’s success. It enables them to satisfy customer requirements in lightning speed.

What More UK products are available in all major UK supermarkets, 1600 independent retailers in the UK, and 75 other countries around the world. They produce housewares of all kinds, including storage boxes, around-the-sink items, bakeware and cookware. They also produce products for the garden like planters and troughs.

For more information about What More UK visit the website www.whatmoreuk.com