Community Arts by ZK is a business that uses art as a driving force to bring communities together. Founder and CEO, Zaneb Khatun has recently set up her headquarters in the new Business First offices and coworking spaces at Northlight, Pendle.

Zaneb Khatun has given herself the mission of bringing the community together through art workshops, set up and run under the banner Community Arts by ZK. Until now she has been looking for a suitable office for her creative business, one with complete freedom to customize the space.

The office space before the redecoration

Northlight is the flagship offices and coworking space in what was once the Smith and Nephew mill, in Pendle.

Burnley company Business First allows its clients complete freedom to make their office space their own. This policy has proven very popular with clients and given an unexpected boost to Accrington company Bevlan Office Interiors, which has worked closely with Community Arts by ZK to help them achieve the perfect office space.

Zaneb Khatun commented:

The new interior designed and supplied by Bevlan Interiors in Accrington

“Our office is 500 square foot and we’ve had everything made bespoke. That’s one of the great things about Northlight, you’ve got the freedom to do what you like with the space. We’ve had all the furniture made and designed to match our brand colours especially for us by Bevlan Office Interiors in Accrington.”

At Northlight, the office becomes your own space which you can customize to suit your own business. This level of flexibility is great for small firms trying to establish their corporate identity and brand.

Ms. Khatun continued:

“We’ve decorated the office space so it’s all consistent with our company colours. In other shared workspaces you simply don’t get that level of flexibility. For a creative company like ours, with resident artists, it’s so important to be in an attractive building and one that reflects who you are as an organisation. Here we’ve got views of the canal on one side and Pendle Hill on the other, blended with a historically and culturally important landscape.”

Zaneb Khatun, CEO Community Arts by ZK1

Business First offers, fully serviced offices all over the North of England and into Scotland. The company prides itself on providing luxurious offices and Northlight is a perfect example. It’s got everything you’d expect from a modern city centre office, but in the beautiful countryside of rural Lancashire.

For more information about Business First and their Northlight offices visit or call 01282 330330 to talk directly to a member of staff.

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