HML Recycling, the Hyndburn-based metal recycling company, have generously donated £1,000 to the Altham Animal Centre, the Lancashire East branch of the RSPCA.

Priding themselves on supporting and giving back to their local community, HML give a percentage of their profits to local worthy causes throughout the year.

Stuart Rogan, Managing Director of HML, was also so touched by their urgent need for ongoing support following a tour of the facilities, that he has now also offered to donate a further £100 per month, taking the grand total to £2,200.

The donation could not come at a more critical time for the Altham Animal Centre, with the impact of COVID-19 having a hugely negative impact on the charity.

Jeanette Ainscough, Manager of the RSPCA’s Lancashire East Branch animal centre, said: “We’ve been struggling for years really but with COVID, it’s just been the nail in the coffin.”

She continued: “We are very vulnerable at the minute. We are financially challenged at the moment and we’re struggling to stay afloat.”

“Donations like this one from HML Recycling are vital for us and the animals and we can’t thank them enough. If possible we would encourage like-minded businesses to get involved too.”

Maddie Rogan, Marketing Assistant at HML Recycling, said: “As part of our community initiative, we are committed to supporting local charities and causes including the RSPCA, Maundy Relief and the Accrington Stanley Community Trust.”

“People have come to us and rather than getting money for their scrap, they have instead chosen to donate the money to charity.”

The Branch needs to find nearly £31,000 a month to run the animal centre and its other activities and with legacies falling, unable to access lottery funding for animal welfare work and with many fundraising events, like the charity’s regular Dogs Day Out having being postponed due to COVID-19, there is a major shortfall in the funds necessary to ensure this essential service which has been running since the early 70s continues to operate.

The charity, now more than ever, needs new ideas to raise money and welcomes donations from other local businesses and residents.

One way in which people are able to support the animal centre is through their Super Supporter scheme which requires a minimum monthly donation of £3 to help fund the work of this important local charity in rehabilitating and rehoming the many sick, injured abandoned and abused animal that come into its care every year.

As well as supporting and helping the lives of all of East Lancashire’s unwanted and abused animals, Super Supporters are rewarded with a personalised plaque which is displayed outside the animal centre entrance, alongside regular newsletters and VIP invitations to events.

You can learn more about the scheme and how you can sign up for it here  –

Every year, RSPCA Lancashire East Branch cares for hundreds of animals that have been abused, neglected or abandoned in the local area. Once an animal arrives in their care, their super staff members spend time assessing the pet’s needs, showing them some much needed love, before rehabilitating them, caring for them, funding their medical care and getting them ready for rehoming. More can be seen on their website here: or alternatively you can call them on: 01254 231118.