“Businesses have a responsibility to the community” says Stuart Rogan, Director of HML Recycling. That’s why he’s giving away a generous £4000 to Hyndburn Voluntary and Community Resource Centre (HVCRC).

Earlier this year the community organisation applied for Lottery funds but to meet the criteria they needed to renew the lease on their premises. The beautiful building, which used to be St James School on Cannon Street, Accrington, is run as a community resource offering space for clubs, societies and office areas for local business.

In November it was reported that the lease had been renewed and the funds granted. But all on the condition that the organisation commits to undertaking substantial renovations and maintenance – no small undertaking for a community focused organisation like HVCRC. Works needed include a new kitchen and toilets, redecoration, replacement of interior doors and the installation of an automated door entry system at the front of the building.

When the charitable Mr Rogan heard about this, he stepped in to offer his assistance:

“HML Recycling is built on values of teamwork, empathy, respect, and recognition. These values remind us what we’re trying to do as an organisation and recognising the good work of HVCRC is part of that. To my mind, the community is a team and good people, good organisations need to be recognised.”

Cllr Tony Dobson, HVCRC Centre Manager, was also available to comment:

“HVCRC has a brighter future now and we are very grateful to Stuart and to HML Recycling. This donation will enable us to go on doing what we do, providing a valuable space for local projects and community activities.”

The HVCRC is a real asset to the whole community. This great organisation supports groups from all parts of society. It works tirelessly to improve cohesion in the community and to combat the problems of loneliness and social exclusion.

For more information about the Hyndburn Voluntary and Community Resource Centre please visit www.hvcrc.org and for HML Recycling visit www.hmlrecycling.co.uk