After seeing a post circulating on Facebook regarding an events shelter stolen from a local primary school, the Property Shop team decided they had to step up to replace it.

On Friday 6th July, a desperate teacher from Benjamin Hargreaves Primary School posted a plea in numerous Facebook groups online reporting that someone had helped themselves to the events shelter children at the school had worked so hard to raise funds for. With their Summer Fair taking place the following day, for which they really needed the shelter, it was important to the children and teachers alike that it be returned.

The Property Shop team noticed the post on Facebook around lunch time on Friday and got in touch to let the school know a replacement would be hand-delivered to them by 9am Saturday in time for the Summer Fair.

They did not disappoint.

Delighted children and teachers gratefully received the gazebo gift and their Summer Fair went ahead as planned on Saturday 7th July with no complications.

Julie Nicol, Headteacher at Benjamin Hargreaves Primary School, commented:

“On Friday we came to school and noticed our events shelter had been stolen so we put it on Facebook, on to Hyndburn Chat, and by the end of the day the Property Shop had donated a brand new one. We are really grateful because the children had raised money all through the year having bun days and holding a pantomime to pay for the shelter that was taken. It was such a shame for the children so thank you so much to the Property Shop for this gift.”

Steven Chippendale, Joint Managing Director of Property Shop, commented:

“We are just really happy we could help the school out. The children had worked so hard to raise the money for this shelter. It’s really important to all of us at the Property Shop to be involved with the local community and, as a local business, to help out where we can. As soon as we found out about it we set ourselves the task of finding a new one to donate. We saw the post on Facebook around lunch time and by the end of the school day we had a brand-new gazebo ready to be delivered to Benjamin Hargreaves Primary School. The children’s faces just lit up when they saw, it was incredible.”

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