Almost 4000 Hyndburn school children have already been gifted an official Accrington Stanley Shirt and Andy Holt has confirmed plans for thousands more.

It’s no secret that Accrington Stanley aren’t swimming in money, it’s a community club with an initiative to instil civic pride and continue to be a welcoming hub for the local residents., Accrington based retail business, have pledged £5000 towards this years’ shirt giveaway for Hyndburn year 3 pupils.

Andy Holt, Owner and Majority Shareholder of Accrington Stanley Football Club said:

“So far almost 4,000 local school children have received an official Stanley shirt over the last few years and, as a club, we committed to do this for 5 years in total. It may not be viewed as the best financial move but for me it’s a key part of my responsibilities to Accrington, as majority shareholder of the club.

Obviously, the initiative comes at a large expense, one I think is well worth it and we are willing to spend… but having a business like Studio offer to support us financially goes a long way. The Studio logo will be on the sleeve of all the shirts given to pupils at our next giveaway, which we are really looking forward to.”

Sharon Benson, HR Director at said:

“After attending the last shirt giveaway, I was inspired by the impact it had on each and every child. Getting so many children to the Wham Stadium and providing them all with a free shirt and other goodies, it was a huge effort from the club, schools and all individuals involved.

Accrington Stanley is a pivotal part of the community, this is why we sponsored the family stand and have now decided to assist with the finances of the next shirt giveaway. We are based in Accrington, have a majority workforce with roots in the area and take great pride in this. I whole-heartedly encourage other businesses to engage, get involved and support where possible, strong business foundations rely on a thriving community.”

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