When you decide it’s time to sell your property, you want to achieve the best price. We can give you expert advice on what will and won’t help you to achieve that, and what is a realistic value for your local area.

If you’re thinking of improvements to add value to your home, take a read through our blog. Whether it’s gaining the most from the property you already have, or maybe you’re thinking about a do-er-upper – what is worth doing and what’s worth leaving? You don’t want to waste your time and money if you won’t see a return on it.

  1. Kerb Appeal

If someone pulls up outside and they don’t like the look of your home, they will be in a negative frame of mind before they even come through the door.

Trim any hedges – tidy outside – give it a scrub up, and you’re in the best position to have someone fall in love with your property.

Consider a modern number plaque – they’re not expensive, and that way your buyers will be able to find you!

  1. Front Door

Can you afford a new, sturdy front door? If not, give it a scrub, paint if it’s wood, and consider replacing handles and that if it’s old and tired.

It’s not just how it looks, a potential buyer will be worried about security if it’s hanging off its hinges. Definitely put it on your list to consider.

  1. Fix any repairs

Have a good look round for anything minor that can be easily fixed – dents in the wall, squeaky door hinges – while none of these are deal breakers, they’re easy jobs to do and if you don’t, a buyer may think you haven’t cared for your property, and there might be more lurking they haven’t noticed.

Don’t ignore any big jobs like damp – they will show up on a survey and could cause your sale to fall through further down the line.

Have a good check round for energy saving light bulbs, any dents, chips or scrapes, the beading round your wood floor you’ve been meaning to fix for ages – it is definitely worth the time and effort to get them sorted.

  1. Redecorate

You don’t have to go full Grand Designs or Changing Rooms – a coat of paint in a neutral colour is enough to present your home as clean and well cared for.

If the décor is dated, a buyer will want to change it anyway, so unless you’re selling on as a do-er-upper, it is worth every penny to get your home looking up to date, fresh and neutral. This will maximise the value people will place on your property – and increase the number of people wanting to make an great offer.

  1. The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. If you can’t afford a full new fitted kitchen, there are still lots of things you can do to improve the look of your kitchen.

Firstly make sure all the doors are secure on their hinges – there’s nothing worse than a door hanging off when a potential buyer opens it!

Taps and handles can be inexpensively replaced with modern versions. Consider painting the cupboards or having them sprayed, to lift the look of the room without going to the full expense of a new kitchen.

You can also get worktops replaced without replacing the whole kitchen – this can make a massive difference to the way the kitchen looks, and it’s an opportunity to do the taps and sink at the same time if you’re able to.

Flooring can also be replaced easily and it’s not expensive, it will give the room a whole new look.

Lastly we really recommend you declutter. Decide if you really need all those gadgets – and if you do, put them in the cupboards when you’re not actually using them, leaving the worktops looking clean and tidy, with just the essentials on.

  1. Outdoors

Most properties have a garden or yard – or you might have a balcony, if you’re in a 6th floor apartment! Whatever space you have – clean, declutter, and tidy. Have a really good trim of any greenery. You can purchase inexpensive pots to add a bit of colour to your space.

Decking sells well in a garden – if you have it installed already, give it a power wash and a coat of stain. Yards can be brightened up enormously by painting the walls and buying nice potted plants. Even with our British weather, buyers do like somewhere nice to sit out when it is sunny.

  1. Declutter

For all rooms in the house, declutter before you invite potential buyers round. It will make your property look bigger, and a potential buyer will be able to picture their belongings in there.

Give to charity anything you don’t need – there are several that will come and take larger household items off your hands, so you don’t need to go to the recycling centre.

Consider your next house and whether you’ll really need all your existing furniture. If you’ve got boxes and boxes of a record collection, could they go into storage for a while, or in the loft?

Be honest with yourself room by room – and remember, you’ll only have to take it with you!

  1. Central Heating

An old boiler that’s possibly going to break down in the next cold snap will really put a potential buyer off. Of all the big jobs it’s one that we would recommend if it’s needed.

Buyers really do value a new, energy efficient boiler – hot water and good heating are definitely high up their agenda!

  1. Double Glazing

Double glazing is also high on the buyer’s priority list. It will make your home more energy efficient, reduce noise, and add thousands to the sale price.

Equally, having windows needing replacement will possibly reduce the price achieved for your home – as buyers will assume they need to replace them straightaway, and will make an offer based on this.

  1. Bathroom

Bathrooms are another room that is absolutely key for a potential buyer. If you can’t afford a whole new one, there are loads of ways you can make big improvements without breaking the bank.

From replacing just the sink, or shower, or toilet, if they don’t all need replacements – these are individually not big jobs.

Tiles can be replaced without having to change everything – and always give a fresh coat of paint to the walls, ceiling and skirting boards at a minimum.

Again flooring is inexpensive and easy to replace – they’re usually quite a small area so can be done very reasonably.

Modern taps are another way to lift the look of your room without having to replace the whole suite. Consider replacing grouting if it can’t be cleaned.

Even blinds, toilet roll holders and clean folded towels make a good impression when your buyers are looking around.

If you are thinking of selling, call us first for a valuation – even before committing to big improvements, as we will be able to advise you whether they’re worth it.

At Property Shop we’ve got years of experience in the local market. Involve us early on when you’re thinking of selling – we can help and advise you, and get the maximum value for your property.

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