Women’s Work is a new HLF funded project which looks at working women’s experiences in Accrington and the surrounding towns during the 1960s onwards. The project is led by History in Action and includes an exhibition, school workshops and a community theatre performance in 2021 (Covid permitting!) If you remember life before legislation such as the Equal Pay Act (1970), and the Sex & Racial Discrimination Acts (1975), we want to hear from you.

These were the days when you might have been refused a mortgage or loan without a male guarantor, or could be prevented from working the night shift by your boss. Or maybe your husband insisted that you hand over all your wages. Perhaps you joined the Women’s Liberation Movement march on Parliament or protested against unfair treatment at work. We’re sure you’ve got some shocking tales and some comic ones too from the days before political correctness.  To find out more,  watch our video (you might even be in it!), follow us on Twitter and Facebook, visit our website www.historyinaction.net, email us (trizia@historyinaction.net) or give us a ring – 07923532867 (Mick) or 07903 300 386 (Trizia). Get in touch and let’s get this conversation going!