Members of Church and Oswaldtwistle Rotary at their recent meeting invited Murray Dawson from Scott Dawson Advertising to listen to a most inspiring presentation of creating a more positive and enthusiastic feeling for the area of Accrington. This, in turn, will help promote, celebrate and communicate the success of businesses within the area and help draw more employment into the area.

Murray Dawson is to be congratulated for all the work he has put into developing the borough of the town and has nominated this enterprise ‘Amazing Accrington’.This includes building a database of 1700 registered companies with the objective of developing trade between local businesses wherever possible to boost the local economy.

Moving on to investment, Murray outlined his intentions of lobbying for inward investment to improve transport links (road and rail) to create new trade opportunities. This would also extend to an improved IT network to create a fertile territory for large-scale business enterprise. Furthermore to engage in good PR and marketing which will highlight the success of local firms as a good place to do business.

Murray during his 40-minute talk which he delivered at a high tempo without notes! Was a non-stop quest to make Accrington a town to be immensely proud of, which is an absolute credit to this successful businessman. He continued to outline what he would do on the education side by making local companies aware of the financial support for apprenticeship schemes. And would endeavour to ensure local people being employed at the 90 acre Euro Garages Development in Accrington where up to 2,500 jobs may eventually occur.

Without doubt, Murray Dawson is a remarkable person who really wants to emphasise what Accrington can achieve and is absolutely clear that he intends to pursue this course, hopefully with a steering group of up to six members to establish controls on spending, action, lobbying and the appointing of a chairperson and custodians.

President Lyndon Heap of Church and Oswaldtwistle Rotary said” Murray Dawson has delivered a speech today which has impressed every local member present. His enthusiasm and dedication in his pursuit to make Accrington a town to be proud of is an absolute credit to him. With the work, he has already done is an indication he will continue to make this borough  meet the title of ‘Amazing Accrington’

Hopefully, people Accrington and District (includes Oswaldtwistle and Church of course) will rise to the occasion during the next 12 months.”

Murray Dawson publishes a 56-page high-quality brochure free of charge which goes to Accrington and surrounding towns and villages, the winter edition of this glossy magazine produced every 3 months has just been circulated.

The photo shows left to right: President Lyndon Heap, Press Officer Michael Jackson, Murray Dawson and Harun Miah