With 13 years of experience in leadership roles, Lyndsey Sims has settled into her town Hall office, overlooking Accrington Town Centre.

 Lyndsey has an impressive CV and a wealth of hobbies; including hiking, cooking and dancing. Describing herself as a ‘small-town girl’ she is happy to be back in Lancashire, after growing up in South Ribble and be surrounded by the countryside.

 “Working in Tameside was brilliant and so much was achieved in my time there. In seven years the turnover for leisure facilities increased from £6 million to £10.2 million with developments such as 24/7 gym centres and more active lifestyle opportunities. I’m really looking forward to bringing this experience to Hyndburn. Me and my husband both love the area, with an energetic dog to walk and a need to be outdoors we were so excited when the job opportunity came up for Hyndburn Leisure. The opportunity actually arose whilst in a meeting in my previous role, a colleague received an email on her mobile detailing the new CEO role for Hyndburn Leisure, they said ‘anyone interested?’ and my hand shot up followed by a me, me, me! It’s a real pleasure to be able to work for a borough I am passionate about on a personal and professional level.”

 Lyndsey started her new role in January 2018 and immediately was involved in phase four of renovations to The Town Hall. The Town Hall is undergoing a major refurbishment to create a luxury, exclusive wedding venue. February has seen two very successful open events where the feedback has been exceptional. For Lyndsey, this was the ideal first project to be involved in.

“The Ballroom is a beautiful venue, with the renovations to the rest of the building it will become a real destination point. As a previously professional dancer, I particularly enjoy The Ballroom, I love the amount of history it holds and the thought of how many people have danced there since its birth in 1958. A lot of people came to the open events not knowing what to expect and were shocked at the grandeur of the inside. I’m very pleased to say lots of weddings were booked there and then too, such a positive for the community.”

About to undergo the final phase of a 1.5million investment, The Ballroom at Accrington Town Hall is a charitable organisation – meaning that all monies raised from events go right back into the community. It really is an investment for the future of Hyndburn.

 Lyndsey also can now announce very exciting plans for the future. The Trust’s board approved plans for refurbishments to the gyms at Hyndburn Leisure Centre & Mercer Hall Leisure Centre – these will be completed by the end of 2018. Eager to make sure every penny is spent on delivering what the community needs, Lyndsey is ensuring she keeps as close to the existing community as possible.

“It is really important to understand what existing customers want and equally what non-customers want from the refurbishment. The aim is always to promote active lifestyles throughout the community, making it paramount we meet expectations. Things will move quickly, with work about to start already! We are taking a range of opinions, digitally and face-to-face, asking advice from industry experts and talking to employees to ensure we can supply the best value, high-quality service possible for the local community.”