Christian Oddie, Apprentice and Michelle Demain, Operations Manager of Moving People

Thursday 8th February 2018 will see months of planning come together as 1200 year 3 school children from Hyndburn are invited to receive an official Accrington Stanley Adidas Football shirt at 10:30 am.

The 50th anniversary of the reformed club is being celebrated by giving back to the youth in the community. The local business owners have stepped up to make this happen, special thanks go to the staff providing transportation, for donating their time, their resources and busses/coaches, in order to make this a success.

Alan Pilkinton, owner of Pilkinton’s busses has handed over 11 busses and drivers for the morning, Michelle Demain, Operations Manager of Moving People has provided 5 coaches and Martyn Dixon, Director of Cranberry Coachways has given 2 coaches to the cause.

Accrington Stanley Football Club, the year 3 pupils, their parents and all the teachers are grateful for their help in making this happen.  Andy Holt has committed to repeat this every year for the next 5 years as an investment into the future of Hyndburn, encouraging the youth of the borough to take an interest in sporting activities.

Martyn Dixon, director of Cranberry Coachways

The shirts will be given to school children at the Accrington Stanley football ground, the Wham Stadium, at 10:30 am on Thursday 8th February. The club will also be releasing a batch of free tickets for each home game at the Wham Stadium until the end of the season for the new fans!

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