Words by Sarah Rigg.  Pictures by Fivos Averkiou and Simon Ashton, Daily Mail.

Personal trainer Ben Lloyd thought he’d try bodybuilding as a hobby… and became a WORLD CHAMPION less than six months later.

Ben, son of cricket legend David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd, was crowned with the title at the Drug-Free Athletics Coalition bodybuilding finals in Miami last year.

In a flabbergasting transformation, personal trainer Ben spent five months on a bespoke drug-free diet and exercise plan he purchased online.

So impressed with the muscle-busting results his famous dad decided to start training with him too… at the age of 69.

“Dad is my best client,” laughs Ben, who specialises in one to one training at his small gym in Accrington.

Ben, who has a degree in Physical Activity, Exercise and Health and is a member of the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation (BNBF), tells LIFE:STYLE magazine: “I competed regionally and nationally before the world finals, but really didn’t want to go down the steroid route.

Ben pictured at the World Finals in Miami.

I’ve heard they can be bad for you: mood altering, and didn’t want anything to do with that. But I had watched a few mates competing and thought I
would give it a go – really just as a hobby.

“So competing regionally then going on to win the world title was a huge shock to everyone – none more so than me!”

Adds Ben: “I found myself an online coach in London to train me and wanted to assess the standard of his diet and exercise plan, because it was around the time I’d just created my own.”

After Ben’s incredible win, messages of congratulations flooded in from family friends and cricket stars including Mike Atherton, Alec Stewart and Freddie Flintoff.

As the euphoria died down on his bodybuilding victory, Ben opted to focus on building his business, Ben Lloyd Fitness, in which he trains clients on a one to one basis.

Says Ben: “I’m proud of my bodybuilding achievements and I’m keen to teach other people what I’ve learnt through face to face and online training techniques.

“My clients come to me from all fitness levels, shapes and sizes and I truly believe with the right attitude that anything can be achieved.”

After studying Physical Activity, Exercise and Health at Blackburn College, Ben headed to Leeds University for his Bachelor of Science – achieving a 2:1

After a stint as a landscape gardener, semi-pro football and various positions in Lancashire League cricket – Ben found his true vocation for helping others to achieve fitness.

With just a handful of clients, Ben hopes to grow his personal training business but remain a one-to-one coach rather than running boot camp or classes.

Dad Bumble is proud of his youngest son’s achievements and says: “Ben kick started me on the training front. I kind of got dragged along.

“I decided to do it, there was no excuse. He’s in the family and knows what he’s doing. I’ve been training for about three years now.”

If you want to book a one to one training session with Ben go online at www.benlloydfitness.com