“Who owns #AmazingAccrington? The publisher?”

No, it’s all of ours.

After being created as what would be described as ‘everyone’s magazine’, sharing good news only about the borough, this question from a reader resulted in a change. Not drastic, but one that simply reflects the very essence of this magazine, and what it’s all about …


LIFE:STYLE is generic and it could fit in anywhere. It could have been used in any town across the UK, and it didn’t show off our town. So how best to describe our borough? By its largest township known throughout the world, of course. The stories and people of Accrington featured in LIFE:STYLE communicate so well just how much Accrington has to be proud of. Birthplace and hometown of so many famous and successful people, and home to truly world-changing inventions, it seems fitting to reflect this in the new title #AmazingAccrington.

How do we want it known and thought of? #AmazingAccrington is about promoting a sense of civic pride in Accrington and surrounding districts. It is about celebrating the successes of its people and businesses. Accrington has a place on the world stage in so many things including Accrington Stanley Football Club.

We are actively looking for stories about the success of Accrington, its businesses and its people and want everyone to feel a sense of civic pride in the town – positive thought creates positive action and in this environment both businesses and individuals succeed – hence #AmazingAccrington.

A huge part in involving the public in #AmazingAccrington is by growing, evolving and changing according to audience interaction and feedback – to listen to what you would like to read; to pay attention to what you would like to see; to share your stories and your success in home, leisure and business.

Murray Dawson, Managing Director of Scott Dawson Advertising commented: “I was a little taken aback after hearing this question because it goes against the ethos of the magazine’s creation. We really want something that welcomes the community; that makes them feel almost as though they wrote it. An evolution based on success, changing from LIFE:STYLE to #AmazingAccrington strips us of that ownership and makes it everyone’s. We hope that this change accentuates our desire to engage and involve you.”

We hope you embrace the new initiative to talk positively about Accrington and district townships in Hyndburn, as well as #AmazingAccrington’s new name. just as much as we do. Enjoy reading!

#AmazingAccrington exists with the intention to share all that is great about Accrington and all of its surrounding towns: Great Harwood, Oswaldtwistle, Clayton-Le-Moors, Huncoat, Rishton and Altham. It’s a combination of people, business, pleasure, sport, tourism and leisure.

It showcases and celebrates the success and achievements of the people we care about; the people we know and love; the people who were born and bred in these beautiful towns.

You’re not only the owners of #AmazingAccrington, but you’re the content creators too! If there is anything you’d like to share or have featured, please email editor@amazingaccrington.co.uk

For more information visit www.amazingaccrington.co.uk

We hope you embrace the new initiative to talk positively about Accrington and district townships in Hyndburn, as well as #AmazingAccrington’s new name just as much as we do. Enjoy reading!